Legal remedy

Terms and conditions of use of the website

Definitions of terms

Visitor: Every individual who visits the website
Copyright: intellectual property rights. It is divided into material and moral:

  • The material represents the commercial part of copyright, the possibility of marketing the author’s work (news, article, etc.).
  • The moral part of copyright represents the right to the inviolability of the author’s work and protection against unjustified interference with the content.

Company: Promotiv, accounting office, d.o.o.
Website(s): Website(s) and its subdomains and associated domains.
Contents: Contributions, pictures, graphics
Form: Inquiry form.
Commercial purpose: anything not related to personal use, such as the publication of the logo, slogan, texts, photographs or other elements of the relevant websites in publications, posters, websites and other media (electronic and printed).


By visiting and using the website, the visitor declares his/her consent to this legal remedy. The latter is binding for all visitors. By using the portal, you have expressed that you are familiar with our terms of use and that you agree with them.

Intellectual property rights

All content (images, animations, program codes) on the Company’s website, as well as the basic graphic design and image of the Company’s website are the property of the Company or the respective authors. Reproduction, publication, sale, as well as modification or transformation of web content for commercial purposes without the written permission of the Company (and through it the written permission of the respective authors), is prohibited. In addition to written consent, a link to the original must be published on the same site on the website and the name and logo of the company must be published in the same place in order to publish the contents or part of the contents.

All information obtained on the websites is for informative purposes only. The company will strive for the up-to-dateness, correctness and completeness of the information on the websites, but it does not assume any responsibility for their up-to-dateness, correctness, completeness and accuracy.

The Company assumes no responsibility for damage (tangible and intangible), other problems or costs due to the use of information on the Company’s website. It also assumes no responsibility for the unavailability of the website, disruption of access to the websites, viruses or errors in any information and documents provided by the Company’s websites.

The company reserves the right to change the legal instruction and all other content on the websites without prior notice.


The company collects the following personal data:

1. Data or information entered into the forms by the visitor himself and for the accuracy of which he is responsible:

  • name
  • surname
  • e-mail
  • phone number
  • all other visitor entries in the forms on the website

2. Other information:

  • IP address
  • Cookies to identify the user that are assigned to the user at the beginning of each session

Personal information is stored on a web server. The controllers of personal data will not pass the latter on to third parties. The Company undertakes not to sell, lend or in any other way pass on the information that you provide via the website or in any other way to third parties, unauthorised persons. All information will be treated confidentially and will only be used for the purpose for which it was provided.

If the visitor does not want the information about him to be collected and processed, he should leave the website immediately. The data will be deleted in periodic reviews, and the visitor can still view the website anonymously.