Human resources services

Increase the productivity and reliability by relieving yourself of the management of payroll and personnel records.

Salary and income accounting

Personal income accounting and advisory support.

Human resources services

Management of personal files of employees, preparation of decisions on leave, etc.

Personnel legal consulting

Consulting and preparation of employment contracts, systematisation acts, etc.

By hiring human resources services from us, you ensure:


The calculation of salaries and other income is performed by a person assigned to you, who has many years of experience.

Lower costs

By taking advantage of all possible reliefs and savings in the calculation of salaries and other benefits.

Data confidentiality

All employee data is kept out of the reach of employees, which increases the confidentiality of data on salaries and personal income.

Increase in productivity

Relieving yourself from the burden of payroll and HR matters allows you to focus more on the business.


Salaries and other benefits are always calculated by the agreed date.

Paperless business

Pay calculation is paperless and securely sent electronically with encrypted data.

24/7 insight into records

Possibility of permanent online access to data on calculated salaries and other benefits.

Administrative support

Relieve yourself of managing the no. of days of leave, giving the decisions on the available days of leave and other administrative tasks.

Accounting for salaries and other income includes

  • Calculation of salaries and reimbursement of expenses in the performance of work;

  • Calculation of holiday pay, severance pay and jubilee awards;
  • Calculation of business performance rewards;

  • Calculation of royalties and company contracts;

  • Rent calculation;

  • Filing claims for refunds;

  • Accounts of other income;

  • Preparation of reports on accrued income.

Personnel services and legal consulting

  • Keeping personal files of employees (employment contracts and annexes, assessment of leave, decisions, dismissals, records of presence at work, etc.);

  • Legal advice before entering into an employment relationship;

  • Legal advice in the event of termination of employment;

  • Preparation of labour law acts (rules on job systematisation, rules on the use of annual leave, rules on additional education, rules on remuneration, etc.);

  • Preparation of contracts (Employment contract, scholarship contract, contract for the use of a company car for private purposes, etc.)

  • Notification of significant legislative changes.



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