Business Consulting

We analyze, assess, and provide advice for making decisions to ensure stable business operations.

Tax Planning

Assistance in choosing the legal form, determining the method of assessing taxable income (standard or actual expenses), and VAT taxation...

Tax Optimization

In the context of status changes, company establishment, company closure, credit ratings, investments, and personal and corporate tax reliefs...

Preventive Tax Audits

Conducting a preventive tax compliance audit and providing advice on rectifying errors in accordance with tax legislation.

Real Investments

We provide advice on design, prepare documentation, ensure valuation, and conduct an audit for increasing capital or establishing a company with real investments.

Corporate Restructuring

We assist in the planning and execution of separations, mergers, and the transformation of a sole proprietor into a limited liability company (d.o.o)...

Acquiring Financial Resources

We provide advice and prepare the necessary data for obtaining financial resources through bank loans, loans from the entrepreneurial fund, non-refundable funds...

Tax, business, and financial advisory services are conducted in accordance with the following principles:




All documentation and information received during advisory services are treated as confidential business secrets.  




When tackling challenges, a team of experts with years of experience in various fields (taxation, auditing, law, etc.) collaborates to ensure the widest range of solutions.  




We provide advice based on the principle of maximum security for the client, which means thoroughly examining all the benefits and risks associated with specific decisions.  



Long-Term Perspective

We provide advice based on the principle of long-term perspective. This means suggesting solutions to the client that are beneficial in the long run and not just in the short term, avoiding potential pitfalls in the future.  


Promotiv Accounting has been instrumental in our expansion into foreign markets. They have an outstanding team with exceptional expertise in the tax field, which proved crucial during tax audits. They are always available for clarifications, provide advice on integrating our web applications, regularly update us on business outcomes, and highlight important matters in international business operations.
Amir Salešević, AZZS, d.o.o.
The services of Promotiv Accounting Service truly go beyond conventional accounting. They have assisted us in various investment decisions, corporate transformations, and other significant milestones. Additionally, they help us in securing liquidity for our operations, which has been crucial for our development.
Tomaž Dolinar, Modri zob
Promotiv Accounting has been our partner since the inception of our operations. We can consistently rely on their responsiveness and advice. They have been instrumental in our development, guiding us with their expertise in tax matters and project funding. We highly recommend them to anyone.



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