Modern accounting

From planning and billing, to analysing and monitoring.

Modern accounting is performed on the principle of continuity and constant information.

  1. Adoption and analysis

    Customer adoption and analysis of the current situation, suggestions and introduction of improvements.
  2. Goal setting

    Business goal setting and tax planning.
  3. Regular informing

    Regular informing on the profit or loss or goals.


we pay a lot of attention to other components of accounting, such as budgeting and analysis. This creates the basis for effective consulting related to business processes, taxes and other events, such as the status transformation or employment, and we offer quality information support to the decision-makers of the organisation.

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  • Keeping the general ledger and general ledger diary (basic business books);
  • Keeping of analytical records of customers and suppliers;
  • Calculation of default interest, preparation of reminders, confirmation of balances with customers and suppliers, participation in recoveries;
  • Keeping of analytical records of costs, expenses and revenues;
  • Calculation of employment income (salaries, royalties, company contracts, etc.) and other remuneration of natural persons and related reporting;
  • Keeping of records of fixed assets and calculation of depreciation;
  • Value added tax calculation and related record keeping and reporting;
  • Conducting payment transactions and performing electronic payment transactions;
  • Participation in tax and audit inspections;
  • Preparation of annual reports in accordance with Slovenian accounting standards and international financial reporting standards (income statement, statement of other comprehensive income, balance sheet, statement of changes in equity, cash flow statement and notes and disclosures);
  • Preparation of consolidated financial statements and annual reports;
  • Preparation of interim reports according to the customer needs;
  • Preparation of tax returns and related reporting;
  • Reporting for statistics and foreign operations;
  • Advising on the selection of appropriate accounting policies.



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