Računovodstvo ikona


Accounting for companies and entrepreneurs, associations, institutes and other legal entities.

Računovodstvo v oblaku ikona

Cloud accounting

Paperless business and use of advanced cloud IT tools for fast and 24/7 accessible information.

Računovodstvo za tujce ikona

Accounting for foreigners

Accounting for branches, subsidiaries, business units, business start-up assistance, etc.

Kadrovske storitve ikona

Human resources services

Calculation of salaries, personnel records, personnel legal consulting, etc.

Svetovalne storitve ikona


Tax, accounting and business consulting, assistance in obtaining financial resources, etc.

Virtualna pisarna ikona

Virtual office

Comprehensive cloud office with administrative and accounting services and business address included.



Accounting is the foundation on which managers make their decisions. These must be real and timely. The basis for this are appropriate professional qualifications, good knowledge of the client’s business and fast and constant mutual communication. Our accounting service therefore offers you a comprehensive and modern approach to the financial function, which includes, among other:

  • Active monitoring of the client’s operations;
  • Notification of key legislative changes;
  • Information on the annual profit or loss;
  • Advising on investment decisions and business rationalisation.


Promotiv Accounting has been instrumental in our expansion into foreign markets. They have an outstanding team with exceptional expertise in the tax field, which proved crucial during tax audits. They are always available for clarifications, provide advice on integrating our web applications, regularly update us on business outcomes, and highlight important matters in international business operations.
Amir Salešević, AZZS, d.o.o.
The services of Promotiv Accounting Service truly go beyond conventional accounting. They have assisted us in various investment decisions, corporate transformations, and other significant milestones. Additionally, they help us in securing liquidity for our operations, which has been crucial for our development.
Tomaž Dolinar, Modri zob
Promotiv Accounting has been our partner since the inception of our operations. We can consistently rely on their responsiveness and advice. They have been instrumental in our development, guiding us with their expertise in tax matters and project funding. We highly recommend them to anyone.

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    We are pleased to announce the launch of our revamped website today. As part of the update, we have also introduced some new pricing packages. [...]


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